Frequently Asked Questions

Popular Questions which generally clients have.

Popular Questions


Can I have my car washed while I'm at work or at home?

Yes, we at AARTRIO will visit you at your office or home, or anywhere else in the areas we serve.


What if I am not satisfied with the results?

AARTRIO aims to gain happy and satisfied customers. Please express any concerns or dissatisfaction immediately, so we can rectify the results within 24 hours of service(s) rendered.

What forms of payment will you accept?

Master Card, Visa, Paytm are accepted online. In case you are unable to make an online payment, you can reachout to us and our executive will collect it from your doorstep.

Can you wash my vehicle weekly, or monthly?

Yes, AARTRIO can set up an account with a recurring schedule plan that will consistently keep your vehicle clean, so you can just sit and relax.

Do you serve corporate, group & fleet accounts?

Yes, AARTRIO offers FREE estimates and can customize accounts to meet your specific business or group needs. You can just reach out to us on +91 7777777777 or *e-mail id*, and our executive will assist you in finding best plan for your needs.

Can you service multiple vehicles at one site?

Yes, For that you can inform our customer care executive, and we will be happy to serve you.

Do I need to be with my vehicle while it's being washed?

You can make Arrangements beforehand if you are not going to be with your vehicle, however; the alarm must be disarmed for service. We’re flexible and are committed to making it a hassle-free experience for you.

Can I upgrade to add to scheduled service package at the time of service?

Please ask when we arrive. It will depend on time availability to fit your requested service expansion(s). Any price adjustments will be made at this time.

Can I cancel my appointment on the day of scheduled service?

A cancellation fee of 30% of the service amount applies to cancellations made less than 24 hours in advance, or in case of no-show.

No fee applies for cancellations made 24 or more hours in advance.

Can I set an appointment outside of business hours?

Requests may be made for service outside of business hours via the Contact Us page, by email, or mobile app or by calling us at *mobile number* at least 60 minutes prior to the desired time of service. Requests must be accepted to confirm the appointment.

Can I access my history of your service?

Visit our Customer Area, a private access page where you can have easy-access to managing your self-created profile, bookings, and more. You can register a profile by clicking the Sign-In link on our home-page or get yourself registered by using our mobile app.

How do I book an appointment?

You can book online using our mobile app or visiting website or contact us directly at *Mobile no*. To book your appointment online, please go to the Services page, where all available services and details are listed. As you make your selections, you will be prompted through the booking process. Upon receiving your request for service(s) with desired location and appointment time, your request will be reviewed before being accepted. When accepted, your schedule and service details will automatically populates into AARTRIO service appointment calendar.

Should I have my vehicle washed & detailed regularly?

Your vehicle is a part of your family, and it would be in your best interest to protect it. Also rregular cleaning and maintenance increases the resale or trade-in value.

Increase Safety - Clean windows and restoration of faded headlights increase visibility, which makes for safe driving.

Healthy Interior - Studies have shown that the average car interior has 10 x more germs than a public restroom.

Sweat, body oils, spilled drinks and food crumbs can lead to bacteria and mold.

Food stains and spills must be eliminated before they settle in and start to rot away at the fabric or carpet, thus degrading the value of your vehicle.